West Chester Nazarene Christian School & Day Care

West Chester Nazarene Christian School is a ministry-based program committed to the teaching and nurturing of young children in a Christian atmosphere. Equal value is placed on all aspects of a child’s growth and development – mental, social, emotional, physical and spiritual. At WCNCS, we seek to provide a healthy, loving environment where children can grow to their fullest potential.

Our Christian Early Education program provides each child with age-appropriate skills: making sound decisions, creating and strengthening family and community ties, establishing moral and ethical beliefs, strengthening motor development, developing self-discipline and self-control, and understanding God from a healthy, Christian perspective. The child’s home, church and school experiences are all vital in providing a foundation for life. Recognizing that the home is the primary source of nurture, WCNCS works with parents to provide the foundation that will help develop a meaningful, constructive lifestyle – one that includes a daily walk with God.

As stated in our philosophy statement, WCNCS is strongly committed to the spiritual development of children in our program. We seek to provide each child with a basic understanding of the Christian faith through Bible lessons, songs, games and activities. Weekly Chapel is included in our curriculum. Children and staff gather together in worship specifically designed for young children to engage in the Word of God.

WCNCS is a non-profit, incorporated body supervised and amenable to the official body of the West Chester Church of the Nazarene, within whose facilities we are housed. The school is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services – OCDEL and is certified as a private parochial school with the Pennsylvania  Department of Education.

Our qualified, experienced staff supervise our programs, which are offered for ages 3 months thru 4 years. A morning private school program is also offered 3 to 5 days a week. Our class sizes are small and adhere to state-mandated ratios. All-day care is also available. Full-day kindergarten will no longer be offered effective September, 2017 due to the availability of full day kindergarten in the West Chester public schools.

The facility is opened year-round, five days per week from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM. Personalized tours of the facility are offered and guided by the director, who may be reached at (610) 692-7272 or emailed at wcncsdirector@aol.com.